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A War Story is one more attempt in a long line of art to make sense of 9/11 – this time from a uniquely Kiwi perspective.


It begins when Peter Arnett (John Leigh), an acclaimed New Zealand-born journalist, learns that someone named Osama Bin Laden (George Kanaan) has declared war on America with a level of sincerity that demands to be taken seriously. Arnett decides to seek out and speak with Bin Laden. But we, the viewers, sense something he doesn’t: the seconds ticking away towards 9/11.

The thought of a plucky Kiwi journalist interviewing Osama Bin Laden might sound unlikely, but it’s true. Arnett is hardly a household name in New Zealand, but has a formidable career, which includes a 1966 Pulitzer Prize for his Vietnam War reporting and becoming the face of CNN’s Gulf War coverage.

Set New Zealand, London, Afghanistan 1997

PROD CO: Making Movies Ltd


Ralph Davies


Megan Vertelle

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